State Fair of Texas 2019

Houston Livestock Show 2019

San Antonio Show 2019

Awesome wins at the first annual Southdown Babydoll Showfest in Missouri.  Steven did a fabulous job in working with his sheep and showing.  We entered 13 sheep and he managed to win 21 ribbons, 1 cup, and one first place buckle for showing the sheep.  We also entered 10 fleeces for competition and managed to win 9 ribbons for our wool! 

WHOOO HOOOO!!!!  Made it to the Houston Livestock Show 2018!!!  Steven took 8 sheep.  Sheared each one after school days before the show.  Awesome job!  One sheep was DQ'd for too many teeth. :0.  Sorry Adder!  But I think he enjoyed going with the group anyhow.  Just a bit of a show off.  So-----anyhow----Wolfsbain, Iris, Cosmo, Violet, Sweet Pea, Almond, Poppy, & Adder  made the trip.  All were placed in Open Breeding Sheep ORB  Lo and behold-----we won ribbons!!!!  Cosmo (bless his heart) won second place Ram Lamb & second place Pair of ram lambs with Wolfsbain.  Iris & Sweet Pea won 3rd in Pair of Ewe Lambs. Personally I think the big win was 3rd place Exhibitors Flock with Almond, Iris, Sweet Pea, Poppy, & Violet,  Almond won 4th as a ram lamb. Iris won 4th in the 4 to 6 tooth ewes. Iris & Almond won 4th as Best Pair of Sheep. Wolfsbain won 5th place as ram lamb.  Sweet Pea won 5th place as 2 tooth lamb.  Poppy won 5th place as 4 to 6 tooth ewe.  Not too shabby considering this was our first time there.  We're learning and will be more prepared and do better next year!

We've worked at getting the State Fair of TX to accept our sheep for showing. AND WE MADE IT!!!! May not place or win any ribbons but by George we made it!! PHEW!!!! You would NOT believe how difficult this journey has been. Set up the pens, dressed the ewes, and took this pic of my ewes while the boys went home to get the ram. YEA!!!! Tomorrow we clean them up some more and put their little leggins on. :) Show on Fri. YEA!!!! Wish you all could come out and support Steven. Next years goal is to win!  Lo and behold----of the 6 sheep taken to the State Fair of Texas in 2016----ALL 6 WON RIBBONS!!!!  Even though they competed with much bigger commercial farms/ranches and standard size sheep----they still won!!!  YEA!!!

Steven showing our ewes at the 2015 Chico Buckle show!  Great job!!  6 ribbons!  Awsome!
2016 This spring we acquired 4 beautiful spotted Harlequin lambs from Six Wags over Texas to add to our flock.  These 4 little darlings are already learning to be hand fed and will occasionally hop on our laps to be held.  A bad habit I am reluctant to break.  Very gentle and loving animals.  It's easy to see why lambs are so often seen being held by Jesus.
Our first EVER AP Harlequin Ram born on the ranch!!!  Of course we have to keep him but isn't he beautiful!!???  Beech was born on 3/19/19 to Strawberry & Almond.  He weighed 8#@ birth and gained 1# on day 1. 
OMG!!!  I am over the moon with this little girl.  Our first EVER AP Harlequin ewe!  And very possibly the first ever AP registered Harlequin ewe in the world!!  Absolutely awesome!  Honeysuckle was born to Poppy & Almond on 3/28/19 and weighed 10#@ birth.  Beautiful spots!  Definitely a keeper!

What a pretty little caramel tip FP Harlequin ewe .  Camellia was born as a twin to Dahlia on 3/30/19 weighing only 7 1/2#@ birth.  Her mom is our caramel tip Tulip and dad is Winston.  Steve wants to keep this one for his next project show lamb.  Such a sweet little girl. 

Alfalfa is a pretty little black Southdown Babydoll born to Marigold & Adder on 3/16/19 weighing 10#@ birth.  We will be keeping this little guy to expand our breeding program. 

Our sweet Adder was born on April 11, 2014.  He is a black Southdown Babydoll sheep.  We fell in love with him immediately.  We purchased him but could not bring him home till he was completely weaned and we needed to find another sheep for him to bond with.  Sheep do not do well as solitary animals.  They need to be a part of a sheep flock.  Full grown now at just 19" at the shoulder, Adder is the prince of the pasture.   

Onslow is the  B gen. Harlequin ram born on 2/25/15.  Onslow was shown in the 2016 Pan Am Livestock Exposition at the Texas State Fair as a Yearling ram on Oct. 21.  And he won 2nd place!!!  This was the first time Harlequin were shown in the Texas State Fair and they were judged against other breeds of sheep.   
Hyacinth is the C gen. Harlequin ewe born on 3/4/15 and shares the same birthday as Poppy although they have different moms and dads.  Fifth place winner at the Chico buckle show!  Hyacinth was also shown at the 2016 Texas State Fair Pan Am Livestock Exposition along with Maggie & Poppy as Yearling Ewes on Oct. 21.  Hyacinth won 6th place!  Hyacinth has been sold and will be missed.
Poppy is another C gen.Harlequin ewe born on 3/4/15 but to a different mom and dad than Hyacinth.  Fourth place winner at the 2015 Chico buckle show!  Poppy was also shown at the 2016 Texas State Fair Pan Am Livestock Exhibition along with Hyacinth and Maggie as Yearling Ewes on Oct. 21  Poppy won 5th place.  Poppy went to the Houston Livestock show 2018 and won 5th place as a 4 to 6 tooth ewe.

Violet 3/7/15-6/23/15.   Our little  Violet crossed the rainbow bridge on 6/23/15.  During the very short time she was with us she stole our hearts.  But I can proudly say I cared for and personally held the lamb I know Jesus is now holding.  It was an honor and blessing to have her here for even a short while.  RIP little Violet.  You will always hold a special place in my heart. 


Winston was purchased from a farm in Virginia and  joined our flock in August 2015.  He is a C gen. spotted Harlequin ram born 10/20/14.  Winston throws beautiful blue eyed babies. 

Tulip is a very pretty caramel and white FP gen. Harlequin ewe born on 11/14/14.  Tulip joined our herd on August 3, 2015.  Welcome to our family Tulip!  Breed champion at 2015 Chico buckle show!

Peony is another FP gen. caramel and white ewe that joined Winston, Tulip, & Maggie home from Virginia on August 3,  2015.  How could you not just LOVE that adorable face?  We are so fortunate that we were able to acquire these four beautiful lambs.  We look forward to enriching our herd and Harlequin blood line to produce beautiful spotted lambs next year.  Third place winner at the 2015 Chico buckle show! 
Magnolia (Maggie) was born a B gen. Harlequin on Monday, May 18, 2015 at approximately 4:10 p.m.  She came to us on August 3rd,  2015 along with Winston, Peony, and Tulip.  We are so greatful for the wonderful people at Seeing Spots Farm for taking such great care of the lambs till we could bring them home.  Reserve breed champion at the 2015 Chico buckle show!  Maggie, Hyacinth, & Poppy were all entered into the 2016 Pan Am Livestock Exposition as Yearling Ewes at the Texas State Fair on Oct. 21.  Maggie won 4th place!!  Way to go Mags!!!
Tiger Lily is a Black South Down Baby Doll ewe born 4/9/15 as a twin to Sweet Pea.  She was purchased from Livestock Hobby Farm in Missouri on Aug. 14, 2016. 

Marigold is a pretty little off white Southdown Baby Doll ewe born 4/16/15 and bought from Livestock Hobby Farm in Missouri. 

Sweet Pea is an adorable black Southdown Baby Doll born on 4/9/15 and a twin to Tiger Lily.  Purchased from Livestock Hobby farm in Missouri.  Sweet Pea won 3rd place along with Iris as best pair of ewe lambs in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Open Breeding Sheep Show: ORB 2018  3rd place in the Exhibitors Flock along with Iris, Almond, Violet, & Poppy., & 5th place in the 2 tooth lamb class. 

Our first true bottle baby.  Southdown Babydoll ewe Rosie born on 3/27/17.  Mom Sweet Pea dad Adder.  Weighed 7# @ birth and 20# @ 5 wks.  Sweet Pea would not nurse her at birth so little Rosie is TOTALLY bonded to us and loves playing with Sofie & Tink when she comes into the house.

Pretty little Lilac was born on 3/30/17 out of Marigold & Adder.  Off white Southdown babydoll ewe with an adorable fuzzy face.  She weighs just 17# @ 5 wks. old. 

Wolfsbain is a gorgeous spotted Harlequin ram lamb with beautiful blue eyes!!!  Born to Poppy & Winston on 3/18/17 and weighs 25# @ 6 1/2 wks.  Definitely a keeper!  Hope he passes down those beautiful baby blues!  Wolfsbain won 2nd place pair of ram lambs along with Cosmo at the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo Open Breeding Sheep Show: ORB 2018 and also won 5th place as Ram lamb. 

Cosmo is a Harlequin Ram born on 3/22/17 to our Hyacinth and Onslow.  Weighing 9# @ 3 days.  Cosmo won 2 place in the Ram Lamb class of open breeding sheep show ORB @ Houston Livestock Show 2018  He also won second place in Pair of Ram Lambs with Wolfsbain.  Cosmo was our first ever export and now resides in Canada!

Mystic is a beautiful blue eye caramel tip Harlequin ram born 3/19/17 to our  Peony and Winston.  Weighing 12# @ 3 days.  Mystic has also been sold and now resides in California! 

Almond is a cute little off white Southdown Babydoll ram born to our Iris and Adder on 3/28/17 and weighing 10# @ 3 days. Almond, Iris, Violet, Sweet Pea, & Poppy won 3rd place exhibitors flock @ the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Open Breeding Sheep Show: ORB 2018  Sold to a ranch in Louisiana. 

Black Southdown Babydoll ewes Willow 2 (born 5/2/17) weighs 32# @ 2 mo. and Daisy 3 (born 4/12/17) weighs  39# @ 2 1/2 mo. brought from Rocking M ranch in Oklahoma.  Beautiful additions to our breeding stock.  Willow was tagged for validation so she could compete in county shows.  She was entered in 2 shows.  Shortly there after she succumbed to tetanus and perished  on 11/14/17. :(

Strawberry (a very pretty C gen.Harlequin ewe ) was purchased as a package deal from a breeder in Pennsylvania  in July, 2018