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female Cavalier King Charles--Pollyanna

$1,800.00 $2,000.00

Mom---Phoebe (tri) Dad---Kody (black & tan) Photos of mom & dad available upon request. Mom is APRI, ACA, & CKC registered. Dad is ACA registered. Pups will be CKC & ACA litter registered. Week 9------Beatrice & Pollyanna both went to the vet on Mon. and received their first shots. Doc weighed Ms. B @ 4# and Pollyanna at 4# 9 oz. Both completely healthy and happy. I had to begin taking them outside separately as they just play and get distracted and take too long to do the necessary chores. Pinecones continue to be the favorite outside toys. Becoming more and more content with sitting on our laps and watching TV at night. Polly continues to be the more energetic while Ms. B is happy to just snuggle. But make no mistake-----Ms. B can give as much as she takes when it comes to wrestling. And come nap time----they are just one bundle of love. Pollyanna found her forever home and family in Austin, TX. 3 young boys and mom and dad will definitely keep her happy, loved, and busy. Hopefully Beatrice (Ms. B) will be going to her forever home on Tuesday. The first night alone Ms. B was up every 2 hrs. looking for her littermate and ended up sleeping on the couch with me. She seems to be accepting the loss now while snuggling with the big girls. Mom was not sure what happened and had to inspect the empty clothes basket and tub several times to look for Polly but now seems to accept the loss as well. Unfortunately, Snicker Doodle should be having pups in a week but still does not appear to be showing any signs so I doubt she did not take her breeding. 

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