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Female Cavalier King Charles---Beatrice

$1,800.00 $2,000.00

Mom---Phoebe (tri) Dad---Kody (black & tan) Photos of mom & dad available upon request. Mom is APRI, ACA, & CKC registered. Dad is ACA registered. Pups will be CKC & ACA litter registered. Week 11------Have never had to keep a pup for a buyer this long so this is a new experience for us. We found it necessary to begin leash training a week ago. Since Ms. B (Lillibet) has discovered the zoomies, the lack of boundaries (hahaha), and we’ve noticed a hawk has put up residence on the ranch---well----leash training seemed to be a necessity. Of course it is mainly for her safety. However, she does not seem to see it that way. The first couple of times were-----how can I put it?-----ugly. Just plain ugly. But she is very intelligent and each time out with the leash she learns a little more that she is not the one in control. She’s getting there. Lillibet had not had an accident in the tub or the house in weeks. That is, until it rained.  I’m blaming the accident on the amount of fluid falling from the sky. She is definitely not a fan. Poor Lillibet cried and pawed at the door to get in but being the big meanie that I am I would not let her in till she added her own fluid to the flower bed. In protest, on the next potty break, she proceeded to pee on the floor at the door. And if that were not enough----rain changed to snow and the white stuff that accumulated on her precious potty spot in the evening was not acceptable. She did give it a chance by lifting each paw in protest and sniffing it but decided to emit her fiercest growl and retreat post haste to the door for admittance to the warmth and comfort of inside. Again---she was encouraged to do what needed done before being let back in. Let’s just say she is not a snow bunny by any means. The newspaper and blankets in the tub are no longer a challenge for her to destroy. The food is staying in the food bowl and no longer being dumped to play with. She’s now much more efficient in drinking water as well. All of this leads to the required tub cleaning to be about every 5 days or so. I’ve added her baby blanket so she will know it when it goes home with her. I just need to top off the food and water bowl every day. She mostly eats and drinks from the big girl’s containers when running loose but I keep food and water in the tub for her so she has access when she takes her naps and at night as she still sleeps in the tub. YEA!!!!! Less than a week and she will be on her way to Oklahoma.

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