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Male Cavalier King Charles--Oakley


Mom---Phoebe (tri)  Dad---Kody (black/tan).  Pictures of mom and dad upon request.  Mom is APRI, ACA, & CKC registered.  Dad is ACA registered. 6 weeks old----Ahhh such a magical time.  The puppies are cooperating with outside potty quite well. If only I could their schedule a little better. Gertie couldn’t wait until I had 2 others outside and back to pick her up before she tinkled in the tub today. Oh well----guess I should have picked her up first. Not gonna blame her. All are eating up a storm. Not so happy about the disappearing milk bar (mom) but satisfied with devouring puppy food. Between the 4 of them they are going thru a little over a bowl a day. Of course they all blame Gertie but I know differently. That tells me they are ready to go! Oakley will be heading to his new home on Monday. This week’s activities included going potty outside 5 or 6 times a day (every 3 to 4 hrs.). After outside activity, which only takes about 10 minutes’ total, they come inside and play with the big girls for about 10 minutes while I straighten up their tub, fill the food and water bowls, and make sure their blankets are clean, dry, and straightened up. They still insist on dumping the food bowl and are fascinated by sticking their paws in the water bowl then prancing around the tub on the newspaper. Even being the smallest pup Miss B (Beatrice) has mastered the art of wrestling and has no qualms about knocking down one of the other pups and attacking their under carriage. Pollyanna has finally given up on growling when she poos but has learned to go back to the door and paw to get back in the house. Just not sure if she has completed all tasks necessary at the time before she wants in or if she is just opposed to the frigid air. No poo accidents inside or in the tub and very few pee pee’s in the tub so I’m thinking she just has an aversion to being cold. But who can blame her. It’s freekin’ COLD!!! Next week will be so much better. 

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